International business law

We provide advice on all types of international trade transactions and settlements, as well as on trade finance, customs law, trade and other regulatory investigations.

Our services

Impex Solution LLC provides the following legal and consulting services:
Creation of companies and other corporate forms, both trading and otherwise in various regions of the world
  • We carry out full support of the registration process,
  • we assist in the opening of bank accounts, in the organization of accounting, accompanied by other formalities, in the organization of companies in free economic zones,
  • we provide advice on the rules of operations with the company of the country of jurisdiction and third territories.
Assistance in the legal structuring of complex transnational trade and financial transactions
We help:
  • in optimization of customs and tax payments in international trade,
  • in the development of a system of legal guarantees, obligations, guarantees, liability in the interests of the client,
  • in the application in the implementation of the project of classical and non-traditional payment instruments.
Preparation of all forms of domestic and international trade contracts and agreements
This includes:

  • international sales and distribution contracts,
  • franchising and licensing agreements,
  • concession contracts,
  • agency, commission, brokerage and other intermediary agreements,
  • confidentiality agreements and service contracts,
  • contracts for the transfer of intellectual property rights and know-how.
We provide Russian customers with services in obtaining licenses and permits to conduct certain types of activities in accordance with applicable law
We fully accompany the process from the very beginning until the receipt of a permit from the competent authority.
We provide services for the legal protection of the interests of the client from unfair actions of counterparties, judicial and out-of-court resolution of commercial disputes
  • On behalf of the client, we carry out a preliminary analysis of the judicial and arbitration prospects for disputes arising from domestic and international commercial transactions of any kind.
  • We assist the client in applying alternative (out-of-court) ways to resolve commercial disputes arising from domestic and international trade and other transactions.
  • We organize the representation of clients' interests in judicial and arbitration bodies of the Russian Federation and abroad, agree with the client on the policy and defense strategy in each specific case and prepare the necessary procedural documents.
We carry out negotiations and drawing up contracts with carriers, freight forwarders, terminals in the interests and on behalf of the client
  • We provide the client with advice on working with proforma charters (Gencon, Synacomex, Baltime), on all issues of port and offshore transshipment; application of demurrage, steel.
  • We provide assistance in the preparation of claims and documents related to maritime transport (demurrage, demurrage, forced storage / parking, organization and support of the activities of carriers).
We organize cooperation of the client with customs brokers and certification bodies in the Russian Federation
  • We advise the client on all issues of customs control over the movement of goods,
  • we develop the concept and strategy of "parallel import", protection in cases of violation of customs rules,
  • we collect evidence and conduct legal investigations, conduct an alternative assessment and examination; documentation of evidence.
As well as:
  • We assist in the preparation or analysis of packages of necessary permits for the export and import of goods in relation to a specific customs territory such as the Russian Federation, the countries of the Customs Union, the European Union and third countries.

  • We provide advice to foreign exporters on the rules for importing goods to the Russian Federation (or other countries) in the field of technical regulation, sanitary well-being of the population, food security, obtaining the necessary documents.

  • We provide advice to foreign exporters on the legislation of the Russian Federation (or other countries) in the field of intellectual property protection and the passage of the necessary customs formalities in this area.

  • We provide legal assistance to Russian clients on the export of goods, services and intellectual property to countries subject to export controls, embargoes and economic sanctions.

  • We provide clients with advice on all regulatory issues and assistance in obtaining the necessary permits in the procedures for the export and import of goods and services.

  • We provide clients with support and support in the negotiation process with foreign counterparties, develop various schemes and models of foreign economic contracts, adapt the standard Incoterms basic terms of delivery into a contract in the interests of the client.

  • We provide clients with advice on international taxation in the context of security and trading activities.

  • We carry out a comprehensive audit and risk analysis when concluding international commercial contracts.

  • On behalf of the client, we carry out verification of the integrity of counterparties, including for compliance with the requirements of the legislation on financial monitoring; due diligence of companies and their assets.

  • We provide legal support for the procedure of customs clearance and customs clearance of goods in the fulfillment of obligations under international trade contracts.

  • We carry out the development of arbitration clauses in foreign economic contracts and agreements, provide advice and develop schemes for choosing the optimal legal order depending on the subject and subject composition of specific international contracts.

  • We carry out legal analysis of issues of currency, export-import control, financial monitoring during international trade, KYC banking procedures.

  • On behalf of the client, we analyze foreign legislation for guarantees of investment protection.

  • We provide advice in the field of maritime law, drawing up a claim for cargo, application of demurrage and steel, liability in various cases, accidents, transportation of dangerous goods;

  • In the interests and on behalf of the client, we carry out negotiations and draw up agreements with insurance companies, assist in the recovery of sums insured in international trade; resolution of disputes with insurance companies.
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