Trade finance

Impex Solution LLC considers the requests of our clients for the provision of financing for import contracts.

Each such project is considered by us individually and the transaction will be structured on the most favorable terms for the client.
Cash financing in the form of loans and credits
Financing in the form of bank instruments such as a letter of credit or a bank guarantee
Project finance is one of the most demanded, but also the most difficult products to implement.

There is always interest in this product and it continues to grow in the light of the fact that many foreign companies doing their business in Russia are leaving our market.
Our experts will prepare a business plan, or draw up a ready-made business plan in accordance with the requirements of a promising investor recommended by us.

We will select an investor for a specific project and, working together with the customer, will provide financing for the project on the most favorable terms for the client.
We consider each project individually and, when making a decision and determining the conditions for cooperation, we involve specialists not only in law and economics, but also in the specific project technique and technological and marketing issues.
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