Trading agent

The Company Impex Solution LLC assists clients both in Russia and in other countries in finding reliable suppliers and buyers of goods and services, acting as an agent.
You only need to provide us with general information about the products you need to purchase or sell, and our specialists will select promising solutions for you.

Our services

We provide comprehensive services for importers, exporters, international traders, companies systematically engaged in foreign economic activity and trade:
For all types of international trade transactions, international settlements, as well as trade finance, customs legislation, trade and other regulatory investigations.
Assistance in providing financing
The procedure and conditions for providing financing for the import of goods and services are discussed with each client individually.
Full legal support
We conduct preliminary negotiations with a foreign partner, conduct business correspondence, prepare pre-contract agreements and supply contracts.

We will help in optimizing the forms of international payments in the interests of the client, creating logistics chains, assisting in the preparation of shipping documents and customs formalities, etc.
Acting as a supplier
In a number of projects related to the import of goods and services, we can act as a domestic Russian supplier.

That is, we independently purchase the products you need from a foreign supplier and deliver them to you on our behalf under an internal supply agreement.
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