About Company

The Company Impex Solution LLC is a dynamic structure created to assist our clients in foreign trade.
Our employees are highly qualified professionals in the field of Russian legislation, national law of third countries, international law, procedural and conflict of laws rules. The company cooperates with many agency, legal and consulting firms in our country and in many countries of the world.
We involve not only lawyers in the implementation of projects, but also specialists with extensive experience in the search for goods and services, reliable suppliers and buyers, economists, advertising agents and experts.
For us, international trade is not a set of dry rules. We are well aware that the implementation of transnational transactions is not an isolated legal process, but the result of gigantic work and communication of many people.

All this requires our team to constantly acquire new knowledge and skills from related areas: antitrust regulation, international marketing, currency regulation, payment systems, export credit financing, trade investigations, dispute resolution in various institutions, tariff regulation, international logistics, foreign languages ​​and cultures, and much more.
The Company Impex Solution LLC always acts as a reliable consultant in the organization and implementation of operations in various segments of international trade.

We offer solutions in an efficient and competitive way so that our clients are better prepared, better protected and get the most out of their projects.
We succeed because of our readiness for innovative solutions and the ability to provide what our partners and customers need.

We believe that the foundation of the success of our business is based on honesty, reliability, confidentiality and responsibility for our actions, the desire to do the right thing and fulfill our obligations to customers, partners, agents and stakeholders.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Internal Code has been adopted by our company to maintain an ethical environment that encourages the professional and ethical behavior of management and staff.
The Code is written in clear and simple language. We encourage you to read the Code to better understand our internal business policies and relationships with business partners.

All employees and invited lawyers, economists, experts, consultants, engineers, as well as agents, contractors and consultants, acting on behalf of Impex Solution, are required to act in accordance with the Code. Many of the standards set out in the Code are also included and applied in various policies and procedures.